The biggest key to success in fitness and nutrition is consistency over a long-period of time. Nutrition programs last a minimum of 3 months. This facilitates time to develop a solid plan that fits your unique lifestyle and start to see results.

The nutrition plan will be tailored to you. It will consider your unique tastes, schedule and physique goals.

I am Precision Nutrition Level 1 certified and believe in a flexible approach to dieting. There is no one-size-fits all approach. A successful plan takes into consideration your goals and your history with diet and nutrition.  While attaining your physique goals is important, we will also prioritizes getting the appropriate vitamins and minerals to help fuel your body.

Currently taking on a limited amount of clients – See below for plans and pricing.

Standout Tier

  • For those who desire a more detailed approach and are highly motivated to meet specific goals
  • One hour introductory session
  • Customized daily nutrition outlines
  • Daily access for text message questions
  • One on one weekly update meeting or phone call
  • $100 per month

Performance Tier

  • For those needing education and a jump start in their nutrition journey
  • One hour introductorysession
  • One hour education and nutrition plan review session
  • Realistic and approachable weekly nutrition outlines
  • Weekly accountability tracker
  • One on one weekly update meeting or phone call
  • $50 per month

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